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Author Penny

Meet the author of Have You Seen My Tail, The Red-Eyed Mr. Glumb, and The City of Ho Hum, Penny Estelle.
Penny lives in Sun City, AZ. When Penny is not writing, she is playing water volleyball and pickleball with the “old” folks. Penny also hikes every morning and is considering trying her hand at tap dancing! She jokingly says, “We older folks are a gutsy group!”

Penny adds, “About my writing - I started writing for tween kiddos right before I retired. There is always material when kids are involved. These stories range from fantasies to time travel to puppy love. I am also very excited to have several picture books available for the beginning readers.

“Under P. A. Estelle, I write for the older “young at heart” crowd. Most of my adult stories are contemporary and historical romances - in every genre.”

We are proud to have Penny on our team of authors here at Petite Scribe and look forward to many new releases from her!

Penny has a newsletter that goes out for new releases or sales. If you would like to be notified, please sign up @

— with Penny Brown Estelle.