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Meet the author of Have You Seen My Tail, The Red-Eyed Mr. Glumb, and The City of Ho Hum, Penny Estelle.
Penny lives in Sun City, AZ. When Penny is not writing, she is playing water volleyball and pickleball with the “old” folks. Penny also hikes every morning and is considering trying her hand at tap dancing! She jokingly says, “We older folks are a gutsy group!”

Penny adds, “About my writing - I started writing for tween kiddos right before I retired. There is always material when kids are involved. These stories range from fantasies to time travel to puppy love. I am also very excited to have several picture books available for the beginning readers.

“Under P. A. Estelle, I write for the older “young at heart” crowd. Most of my adult stories are contemporary and historical romances - in every genre.”

We are proud to have Penny on our team of authors here at Petite Scribe and look forward to many new releases from her!

The City Of Ho Hum

The City of Ho Hum is a magical place. Only the luckiest of children are able to find their way to Ho Hum. Will you be one of the lucky ones? The things you see will make your eyes POP! Take your own trip to Ho Hum and have the adventure of a lifetime!

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A delightful tale about five-year-old Ethan, who is in Ms. Johnson's Kindergarten class. He is new to the school and has not made any friends. Ethan and Timmy, a boy in his class, get in a fight over a soccer ball and both boys are sent to talk to the principal, Mr. Glumb.

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Have You Seen My Tail? is a story about little Sammy bear who wants to tag along with Tommy, his older brother. Tommy tells him he has lost his tail and he better go find it before Mommy bear finds out. Sammy runs through the woods asking some of the animals for their help. Unfortunately, they haven't seen the lost tail, but they all invite him to stay and have a bite to eat. As it turns out every snack that is offered is his absolute favorite. As the sun is setting, and the lost tail still isn't found. The sun is setting and Sammy is still in the woods. Who will help him find his tail so he can go home? At the end of Have, You Seen My Tail? Be sure and make your own bug recipes to share with your friends!
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