Below are examples of some of the traditional mediums you can find from Elizabeth "Alysathena" Elichelberger's art collection.  Everything from marker art to graphite sketches is pictured below.

All works for sale, unless otherwise indicated.

Simple Graphite Sketches Examples

Elizabeth can be found most evenings relaxing by sketching with a simple mechanical graphite pencil. Most of her sketches, that she fondly calls doodles, are preliminary ideas for paintings.

Artwork created using pencils.

winged female sketch
seal sketch
clown girl sketch
horned sketch
dragon sketch
another clown girl sketch
mushroom people sketch
equestria sketch
darkling sprite 1
voodoo sketch
darkling sprite 2

Ink Artwork Examples

Artwork created using pens and/or markers.

marker bird
pen rooster
rainbow marker
fairy marker