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Petite Scribe is an independent book creation family. Proprietor Elizabeth Eichelberger fully formats, edits, illustrates, and uses online distribution to publish both aspiring and established authors. This endeavor is entirely funded by and based on book sales.  We are a family unit bound by the love of our work, not by blood. Each author was hand approved for their amazing contributions to the literacy of the world's youth.


Our Authors


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Sneaky Squirrel

and the Case of the Missing Pocket Watch

Written by Andrew Herbert

Hawaii In The Sand

Written by Barbara Poor

Holiday Story

Written by Barbara Poor

You Are So Special

Written by Barbara Poor

Ooooooh It's Halloween

Written by Barbara Poor

My Trip To The Library

Written by Barbara Poor

The Girl With The Curly Red Hair

Written by Barbara Poor

The City of Ho Hum

Written by Penny Estelle

Colin The Conker

Written by Andrew Herbert

The Red-Eyed Mr. Glumb

Written by Penny Estelle

Have You Seen My Tail?

Written By Penny Estelle

During this time, the Petite Scribe family is aware that many little ones may be forced to experience life in a way foreign to their normal everyday routine.

Our books are still all available at virtually all online retailers, and able to be delivered safely and directly to you.

We are adding free printable coloring pages, as time permits, and all can be downloaded here:

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You do not need to have DropBox to download these pages; simply tap/click, “continue to website” to view, save, or print any of the available pages.

Feel free to share and post your child’s completed coloring page(s) to our timeline on Facebook here for us to see! We look forward to seeing all the wonderful coloring pages and will post new pages to color soon.

Please be sure to read to/with your children daily. Fostering a love of reading early improves grades and brings the universe into your tiny adventurer’s life!

Welcome to Story-time with The Authors of Petite Scribe!
We are proud to share story-time with our readers. Each segment will feature one of our authors (or someone they have designated) reading one of their delightful children's stories. As we know many are at home during this time, we wanted to provide a safe and comfortable way for your children to have a nice story-time.


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The Fairy Tree
I Want To Go To School
journey joy