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Visual Art

Elizabeth, AKA Alysathena, works in many mediums. She is a painter, an illustrator for children books, and dabbles amongst mixed media sculpturing. Elizabeth is slowly compiling a new VR art gallery as well, and learning the ins and outs of exploring the life of traditional artist vs digital artist. All the while, still remaining true to her roots of graphite art, traditional fine art with painting and mixed media artists, all of this to bring you one of the most original fantasy artists websites around to date.

Take a journey into art with the imagination of Elizabeth Eichelberger. A unique artist specializing in everything from lowbrow pop surrealism to fantasy art, using multiple mediums to bring her imagination, as well as yours, to life. Whether it be the dark depths of haunting art to the cute and whimsical children's book illustrations, the artist known as Alysathena throughout social media and gaming sites brings unique and altered reality characters and scenes seemingly to life. This contemporary artist, armed with her mixed media tools, creates a fantasy surreal universe for you to explore.

Your landing zone for all of the fantasy surreal magic created by Elizabeth Alysathena Eichelberger.

Everything from paintings to sculptures can be found here from this mixed media eclectic surreal fantasy artist.

This is your landing zone for Elizabeth Eichelberger's Children's Books.

Petite Scribe is a niche publishing agency run by Artist/Illustrator Elizabeth Eichelberger -Sole Proprietor. Focusing solely on children's and young adult's books.

Offering full service publishing including illustrations, editing, formatting and printing.


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